Are you responsible for leading cyber security and cyber resilience in your organisation?

Fast-track the process of making your organization cyber resilient.

The Cyber Accelerator Program has been designed to help business and technology leaders who have responsibility for leading and driving cybersecurity and resilience strategies across their organizations.

While ever-increasing amounts are being spent on cybersecurity, data breaches still happen on an almost daily basis, often with devastating reputational and financial impacts. The Cyber Accelerator Program has been designed to rapidly advance your resilience to cyber attacks by helping you create high-impact strategies that quickly deliver. As cyber criminals become bolder, more aggressive and more sophisticated every day, there is no time to waste, organizations need to become cyber resilient and they need to get there as quickly as possible.

The program we offer is intensive, accelerated and comprehensive. It is designed to help you create strategies to quickly become cyber resilient and to manage cyber risks in a measurable and predictable way, and to keep ahead of cyber threats and stay resilient. The Cyber Accelerator Program delivers proven methods to help you to practically implement your cyber resilience strategies and make the important link between cyber strategy, business strategy and business risk. 

The Cyber Accelerator Program is a practical, hands-on, step by step program to help you:

  • Define a high impact cyber resilience strategy 
    Quickly assess your cyber risks, capability and posture and develop a business centred cyber resilience strategy and roadmap.
  • Rapidly build cyber resilience
    Rapidly mature your cyber resilience by building strong foundations for your cyber resilience strategy that will enable you to quickly deliver value. Ensure you are using the right KPIs and metrics to track your progress and demonstrate value and build trust with your stakeholders.
  • Manage your cyber exposure and maintain resilience
    Learn how to sustain your resilience by adopting lean governance structures that can swiftly and flexibly adapt to changing business circumstances. Continually track and monitor to keep on top of the ever-evolving threat landscape and adapt your cyber strategies to new and emerging threats.