Are you involved in making important cyber risk decisions, but find the subject too complex and existing frameworks confusing?

Accelerate your cyber risk management skills and demystify the complexity of cyber resilience.

The Cyber Resilience Bootcamp has been designed for business leaders and risk professionals involved in cybersecurity decision-making.

With the threat of cybercrime growing in frequency and impact every single day, it’s imperative for businesses to defend themselves. The Cyber Resilience Bootcamp has been designed to help you do just that, giving you the skills, tools and support you need to ensure your organization will be able to stand up against increasingly brazen, well funded and capable cyber threat actors.

This highly engaging and interactive program will demystify the business risk of cyber threats, enabling you to acquire a firm grounding on important cybersecurity matters and giving you practical guidance for building high-impact, low-cost cyber resilient strategies, a prerequisite to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. 

The eight week Cyber Resilience Bootcamp goes beyond the fundamentals of cyber resilience, using practical case studies to articulate cyber risk in relatable business language. The program helps you to develop the necessary skills to make effective cyber decisions, to accelerate your business’s cyber resilience posture and, most importantly, to deliver results quickly.