Are you a cyber leader looking to advance your executive and leadership skills?

Become a world-class cyber executive

After years of fighting for bigger budgets and a voice at the executive table and in the boardroom, cyber leaders are finally getting much-deserved attention in organizations and a spot in the C-Suite. The expectation of the role has grown however; a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) needs to be as much a business executive as a technical expert. The Cyber Leadership Program has been designed to give you the confidence to engage with the business in the right way, allowing you to succeed in what has become a broad and strategic role.

The Cyber Leadership program is an advanced, executive level program for cyber leaders who want to develop their executive skills, c-suite stakeholder and Board engagement, and become a leading CISO.

The program teaches you the real-world fundamentals and provides repeatable methods to enable you to master your craft. As demand for CISO roles grows, it will be important to have job-ready candidates equipped with the prerequisite knowledge, skills and peer mentoring to ensure success. The Cyber Leadership Program has been designed to do just that, allowing you to propel your career and turn yourself into a world-class CISO.

The Cyber Leadership Program focuses on developing you to become a competent cyber executive, showing you what are the essential value-based cyber strategies and skills required to deliver results quickly. 

In addition to cyber resilience strategies and risk management, we will cover important leadership topics such as effective governance and oversight, communicating cyber strategy to the Board and senior executives, and engaging with stakeholders to get support and buy-in for your cyber resilience program.